More About Mark

My name is Mark Dyck and I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I’m still figuring out what to blog about; I’ve got lots of interests and no clear focus. So you could read about:

– brick oven bread baking
– minor hockey
– content management
– product marketing
– Web 2.0 tools — blogs, social media, wikis and the like
– citizen media
– better powerpoint presentations
– starting and growing a small business

I tend towards thinking too much and writing too little; switching that around is my top priority!


6 Responses to “More About Mark”

  1. Gary Hypes Says:


    I’m trying to shape a loaf into a pain tordu, and finding surprisingly little help anywhere on the web. So far, anyway.

    My recipe says to make an indentation down the log (dough) with a wooden spoon handle, then twist like I was wringing out a dish rag. My tordu doesn’t tordu — it springs back into a non-twisted form.

    Am I being too gentle with the dough, or is there another technique I’m missing?

    Any help/thoughts appreciated.

    • Mark Says:

      Hey Gary — thanks for stopping by!

      It sounds like your dough isn’t relaxed enough. A little more rest during the shaping process might help with this.

      Try the following process from the end of bulk fermentation:

      – preshape into a rectangle
      – cover and rest 15-20 minutes
      – shape into a batard, and make the fendu crease with a dowel (a light dusting of flour in the crease will keep it separate)
      – let rest 5 minutes before twisting into a tordu.

      It might spring back a little during the proof — if that’s the case try twisting so that both ends are on the same side of the loaf and proof with those ends down on the cloth.

      good luck!

  2. chezjim Says:

    Ah! Coincidentally just before I happened (admittedly a bit late) on this post, I had just found a French baker’s videos of how to make certain specialty breads – including “pain tordu”:

    It’s in French, but hopefully even you don’t speak that the visuals will help.

  3. Bel Says:

    Oh wow, a bread-baker, blogger and a small business start-up, in Regina! This could be the start of a beautiful friendship….


    • Mark Says:

      Hi Bel,

      I found out about your blog when you followed me on Twitter (I think.) Sadly I have blog remnants all over the place. This is an older one.

      I write more about the bread and bakery (we opened in 2011) at

      My personal (and sadly neglected) blog is

      It sounds like you’re back in England. If you make it back to Regina stop by the bakery and say hi! 🙂

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