Toronto FC — it’s fun!

I’m starting to get into the new MLS football team Toronto FC. I’ve seen two games now; their first ever win and their first away points (2-2 at Columbus.) Now, that’s on TV of course.

CBC is showing games and they are pretty good. Small stadiums = low camera angles so you get right on the field. CBC has a British guy doing play-by-play so it sounds authentic, and Craig Forrest does a really good job as colour commentator.

The quality of play is pretty good, although nothing like the better European Leagues. The MLS guys get pretty gassed after an hour and it shows. I watched Arsenal – Bolton on tape right after the MLS game and there was a huge difference in the pace of play and shot velocity. But the MLS game is entertaining nontheless. Toronto is getting a lot of fans out to the games so there is some excitement to the games. I think it will last — I sure hope so anyway. 2-3 more Canadian teams would be nice. Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa? How about Edmonton?

Arsenal is still my #1 team, but now I’ll be following Welsh, Cunningham and Dichyo too!


2 Responses to “Toronto FC — it’s fun!”

  1. Footie Fool Says:

    Always nice to come across a fellow Canuck Gooner. And we’re all getting pumped here in Victoria about the U-20 WC! It’s going to be a blast…

  2. Mark Says:

    Thanks for the comment! I have to admit I was sceptical when Toronto announced their MLS team but I’ve been completely sucked in by the coverage so far. I’m actually seeking out televised coverage and taping where necessary.

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