GTD Podcast Wrapup

Some final cool tidbits from the 43folders podcast with David Allen:

-On committing to your organization process: either your head is your organization system, or it’s not. David obviously recommends against using your head, but if you’re going to start getting things out of your head, you’ve got to get everything out. As soon as you track two items in your head you’ll distrust your other system.

– Merlin Mann likes using the phrase ‘Ninja Moves’ for really cool techniques. I like that.

– organization is like training kids and dogs: use as few rules as possible but never break them. HUGE head nods after everything we’ve done training Buddy Dog.

– if you can’t do it [organize] with paper, you can’t do it with ‘e’. You’re going to get paper, and you’re going to get emails. if you can’t deal with both you’re in trouble.

– one crazy, step back from the ledge thought: what if I set up my email / blackberry to only push emails every two hours? Would I get more done? *whew* I need to sit down….


One Response to “GTD Podcast Wrapup”

  1. Cindy Dyck Says:

    You’d get more done after 2 weeks. The first step is making it through the withdrawal period – if you could get past the initial angst/anxiety of not checking the “crack” every 3 minutes (I’m being generous here) then it would be smooth sailing to clearer thought, higher productivity and a focused mind. Don’t kid yourself though, those first two weeks will be tough for you – sort of like the coffee thing 🙂 My suggestion would be to keep the coffee and do the “crack” thing. Small steps(neither one of us is good at leaping) – start with one hour at a time. I think you’d like your new state of mind.

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